I wrote this two days ago

December 20, 2006 at 3:02 am Leave a comment


Eight mountain ranges in a day
and I feel prolific like God.

A year and a half ago
I told myself
that I would never see
the Nevada Salt Flats again.
Count this among my broken promises.

I feined a Britsh accent
because no one knew me
and no one ever will
in Salt Lake City.
And even though I drove right next to said lake,
it was snowing and I never saw it.

Out my hotel window
is an office building
and my plan is to be in
and out
before anyone gets any work done there.

I don’t like times being set
cause it opens up the door
to broken promises
but if my breakfast is not here between
7:15 and 7:30
then someone is failing
and I won’t care when they do show up.

It’s 11:45pm and a child speaking Spanish
is out in the hall and I guess if I spoke Spanish
and heard something awful
I’d call Child Services,
but I only took Spanish for a year
and maybe they aren’t speaking Spanish;
I wouldn’t know.


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And secondly… Irony in that

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