And secondly…

December 18, 2006 at 7:36 am Leave a comment

… a poem.

Within the State of Nevada

Within the State of Nevada,
I’d found a town with some gas
and a shop for some water,
anything to get me to the next stop.
The name was something typical,
not Carson though, I know that.
And a woman behind a counter said
it was too slow for her.
Her boyfriend moves them there,
sixty or so miles East of Reno,
for some reason and she wants to go back.
She’ll get to this week, she says.
It’s not that far, I think,
but then I think of going sixty miles away
from wherever I’m situated
and there’s no reason to do that.

So I try not to condescend,
I make up some lies to buoy her stories,
like I’d actually been to the town she was from
which is in New Jersey.
And I keep making small movements,
a polite form of “I’m going now…”
and she’s getting the hints,
but I’m too kind to just walk away,
so I say a lot of “yeah” and “wow”
though that word has no power for me.

And I want bumper stickers,
to be honest,
but I’m too scared of sounding like a passerby,
so I make up a brother
and his only quality is that he wants bumper stickers for Christmas.
They don’t sell them, she tells me,
but across the way they do.
But she doesn’t like across the way,
the competition,
though she went in there for the first time the other night.
“They have DVD’s and CD’s and everything you could want.”
But she’s got to drive sixty miles to get some big chain stores
so I guess they don’t really.

So I went to the competition,
and I played the lie again,
asking some guy my age,
telling him about my brother first,
and he doesn’t reckon they do.
So I smile like I don’t care,
it’s just a silly thing my younger brother wants, after all.
And I head back outside,
it’s twenty-eight degrees and I wear a t-shirt
and tell myself not to get a cold.


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First, a song I wrote this two days ago

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