while in class 2

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Written to Sieed

Plans are being made
in a “backroom,”
Debating the commercialization
of fire and the ideas of purchase.
“I’m gonna go for that suave,
Starsky and Hutch look.”

It was lost on him,
a generational gap,
like the connotations of
”black and white”
and the value of a good day’s work.

“If we drive
we could make it in five hours”
is said numerous times,
and there’s a truth in promises
made anonymously to groups.
“If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.”

They laughed at the thought of a
“weak end” and never thought
about the old ladies of England
who wanted the week to start
on Sunday.

The world had run out of new fashion styles.

Chairs were arranged into a car,
everything needed but it,
and four bodies bopped and banged
in disharmony
imitating a rough road.

Eventually someone falls out
in a way no person could,
often saying goodbye
right before some big bump displaces them.

“Books that are most bent at the cover
are either read through or not at all,”
and no one appreciated what he said anymore.


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