I think I messed up the title

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“Our Home in Hole”

We were doing work projects,
fixing a roof shingle,
for fear of rippling affects.
And your hammer came down hard,
you struck the weak support,
and down below
we could see our own floor.
We didn’t have the tools
or means or anything
to make this error right.
And from below we saw the sky,
destroying the sense of “indoors”
and you were talking about it importantly,
like there was something to the hole.
That your error was philosophical
or forced by something else
to make us see something greater.

And where you see a mystery
I see a hole,
and where you see a glimmer
I see a problem.
There’s nothing greater that this hole,
to you,
and to me,
there is the chance to fix it.
While I went out to get supplies
to fix the hole in our roof,
you took the hammer there,
and opened a greater gap.
And I went and got more roofing,
and you took your hammer again,
and this continued for weeks on end,
while you took down the roof
and I built it again.
And to spite you I tore it down,
to spite me you rebuilt it faster.
To spite you I tore down the structure,
to spite me you did it better.


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From Weather March

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