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This is one that I’ve been sitting on (not typing and saving) for about a two years. I think it may be one of my best.

“Don’t Leave Massachusetts”

The moon is a crescent
and the sun is always full;
and by the trusted weeded waters,
between each stroke of an oar,
the lake sat reflecting continuously
while the wind made the reflections shake.
And the secondary trees and sky
waved, as if they were going to disappear,
but then reemerged just as jagged.

(By the time you get this
I know the lake will be there
and all this means I’m not.)
(The three tiny islands
were like wanna-be’s
in a collection of forgotten islands.)

Did you catch the inversed sunset?
There was a painting to paint there
and under the birch it seemed
that the sun froze for hours.
when it finally vanished over the hill,
and the reflection of the hill,
it felt like morning
(the palindrome known as a “day”).
And for those moments it could have been anytime.
When we stepped indoors the outside
had been so misleading
and we needed something to waste the hours with.

And so I wrote this and you are doing something and so many things are right, right now, and I do not want to be in another place, in another’s arms, in another state with anyone else, not for one minute, one day, one sunrise to set, or ever feel like those moments this morning when you were asleep and I was not and I felt helpless for the first time in two weeks, don’t leave Massachusetts. Don’t leave me here.


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